Obama Stoking Flames of Civil War Before Trump Inauguration

Just weeks before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office and outgoing President Barack Obama takes the drastic step of trying to ratchet up tensions with Moscow to levels not seen since the height of the Cold War. Across social media, people are now openly voicing concerns about President Obama's ultimate objectives, with some speculating that the recent DDos attacks against "alt-right" websites coincide with the expulsion of Russian diplomats as part of government campaign that will relentlessly escalate, with the objective of preventing President Trump from peacefully reaching power.

Electronic warfare against the American people. YNW
Although President-elect Trump swept the Electoral College and was dutifully elected as leader of the free world, Congress still has to formally give him the office, and the Constitution allows for objections on the day when he is officially given the job, on the 6th of January. Obama appears to be setting the stage for a renegade congressman to prevent the will of the American people from being implemented, and the way in which the most important websites are being knocked offline signifies that we could be looking at a Pentagon-led blackout of the web.

In signing the National Defense Authorization Act 2017, President Obama not only created what many have dubbed "The Ministry of Truth," he also authorized the Pentagon to wage electronic warfare against the American people. Section 234 of the NDAA 2017 allows for the military to take action against "the enemy" using "electromagnetic and directed energy."

The NDAA 2017 includes language that permits "cyber operations" and calls for "large scale simulated exercises" which could unwittingly involve innocent Americans. 

Although the people overwhelmingly elected Donald Trump, with him winning the popular vote if voters without citizenship in California are excluded, he has not been formally reached power and could still face the very real prospect of a coup d'etat. The globalists know they may not be able to stop President-elect Trump from being sworn in, but they know that should he rise to power in the middle of an insurgency, they can work to delegitimize him from the beginning.

In their quest to destroy the magic of the world and open up the borders, the globalists will sacrifice millions of lives if they have to, and the way in which they're working to censor the truth shows that there's a blackout planned that will see the Constitution torn to pieces, starting with freedom of speech.