"I Caught Strange Respiratory Illness After Visit from Dutch Foreign Police"

The penalty for being pulled over after committing a bicycle infraction and not having ID in the Netherlands can mean a home invasion by the foreign police, by individuals who on a daily basis raid houses packed to the brim with illegal immigrants, many carrying strange illnesses.

Sadly, members of the foreign police are not provided rubber gloves or face masks when they enter dwellings inhabited by illegals, so they're putting themselves at risk of catching deadly airborne diseases multiple times a day. I suspect that I began coughing uncontrollably for several days due to some infection carried by a member of the 6-man squadron that entered my home looking for allochtonen without health insurance, or from someone in the camp where I was held pending my processing. 

The foreign police packed me into a van and took me to a detention facility where I was placed in a packed room full of angry-looking North African men, none of whom had health insurance. Some of the men were coughing and it was clear that the bad circulation of the air in the place was creating the right conditions for a deadly virus to spread that could even do damage outside of the deportation camp, crippling activities for the native Dutch population.

I wasn't in the Netherlands illegally when the foreign police entered the home where I was staying, but since I was not registered at city hall and did not have health insurance this meant that I needed to return to my EU country of normal residence for 3 months. While that order to go back to my EU country of regular residence was sorted out, I interacted with some of the men in the holding cell. I got the distinct impression that one of them was a male sex worker, and that it was very likely that he had been engaging in promiscuous activities for food money, and that he did this while lacking health insurance. 

Courtesy of Dutch foreign police. MirrorSpectrum
Since I was allowed back to roam free in Amsterdam until I spoke with an immigration lawyer, I suspect that the strange illness I caught may have spread while my condition was latent, and that I took it with me back to my normal city of residence.

I certainly learned my lesson about not registering at city hall while staying in a home in the Netherlands for more than 3 days: it can lead to a deadly infection that may kill your family.

By: Pepe Cruz