CIA-funded False Documentaries are Biggest Threat to Democracy, Not "Fake News"

Outgoing President Barack Obama has been busy decrying the spread of "fake news," which the liberal media has now taken to blaming for the rise of Donald Trump. Since most liberals nowadays are unable to understand satire due to the comedy-free environment which they perpetually force themselves into, they are actually smug enough to believe that half of Americans think a woman hiding a serious illness from the public failed to be elected president not because of her deceptive nature, but rather because of kids in Macedonia writing crude satire.

Necessary to find guy dying of kidney failure. Columbia
It wasn't kids in Romania trying to make some money on the internet that led to the rise of a man who actually has a plan to end the war against ISIS and rebuild America's infrastructure, however, it was the public becoming aware of how rogue elements of the Central Intelligence Agency simply decided to re-write reality in order to justify waging an endless drone war around the world while kidnapping and torturing at-will.

Zero Dark Thirty is just one example of a fake documentary funded by the CIA and co-directed by President Barack Obama that warped the facts and presented a senior citizen on kidney dialysis as someone so active in imaginary plots that every crime committed up to that point during the War on Terror was justified. Osama bin Laden was executed in cold blood to hide the truth of his non-involvement in the attacks of 9/11, and a fake narrative was constructed of how the CIA arrived at his capture. 

Osama bin Laden was protected by Pakistani ISI, the country's powerful intelligence agency, and the CIA at-the-most did not know the specific house in which he was kept safe. President Obama ordered the hit on America's favorite patsy right after it was ascertained that he was no longer needed and that a new boogeyman was ready to fill the vacuum and rise to power in Syria and Iraq.

Zero Dark Thirty and other false CIA documentaries led to the rise of Donald Trump since people no longer trust anything that gets pumped by the mainstream media and receives an award.

Anyone who wants to get ahead in Hollywood these days simply needs to allow the CIA to co-direct a film -- i.e. Argo -- and the awards will come piling in. When people are made to accept fake awards, they'll also begin to accept fake news.