Obama May Acquire Assistance from Communist Chinese to Solidify Coup Against Trump

It seems that one phone call from President-elect Donald Trump to our favorite renegade Asian province rattled the communist Chinese to such an extent that they are now openly waging heavy cyberwarfare against Infowars and other publications which could come out in opposition to the planned coup against the American people. 

President Obama, fearing that he could be imprisoned for treason due to recent confirmation that his birth certificate is fake, is desperate on the throne and has directed the Central Intelligence Agency to overthrow the Electoral College and steal the presidency from Mr. Trump, a coup d'etat which will require full-blown censorship of the alt-right media. 

Targeted by Chinese assassins? YNW
To quiet down the free press and prevent all-out civil war, President Obama will need assistance from the Chinese, who will gladly provide it since they fear that Taiwan could become fully independent under a Trump presidency.

In recent years, Beijing has been actively working to challenge America's military might in the Pacific, with President Obama countering by placing US troops in Australia and signing a treaty with the Philippines to increase combat readiness in the event of an attack from militarized artificial islands built by China around America's allies.

Nonetheless, it now appears that the Obama administration is prepared to sacrifice American dominance in the Pacific, abandoning our allies in order to guarantee that the globalist agenda can continue to be implemented at a later date, when the insurgency to restore Mr. Trump, our lawfully-elected leader, is smashed.

The people will revolt if President Obama and his CIA proxies successfully manage to unseat President-elect Trump, and there will be mass defections from the National Security Agency and Pentagon Cyber Command; the Chinese know they can be useful when it comes to shutting down access to information that contradicts the official coup government narrative, and there can now be no doubt that Beijing has already started attacking alt-right websites. 

Even as the White House coaxes America's intelligence agencies into claiming that President-elect Trump is compromised because he's allegedly Vladimir Putin's preferred US leader, President Obama is gladly accepting Chinese help in eroding the 1st amendment. 

Some members of the elite are completely desperate and are even prepared to give the Chinese control of the drones that will be used to herd Americans to their deaths should they rise up against the globalist agenda. 

Talk of "Kremlin treason" is just a diversion from "Beijing invasion."