Renegade CIA May Detonate Nuke in Washington DC Should Electoral College Coup D'Etat Fail

CIA will destroy DC to save shadow government. YNW
History is being written as the Republic faces the biggest challenge since the Civil War killed more than half a million Americans, with the Central Intelligence Agency openly plotting to squash the will of the people and steal the Electoral College vote from President-elect Donald Trump this coming Monday, the 19th of December.

As it currently stands, the Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled billions of hollow-point bullets which are illegal to use on foreign battlefields and thus are definitively destined to be used domestically against Americans. DHS has prepared to fight a civil war that could last 20 years and this may be the last free weekend of the Republic. 

Classified plans to wage drone warfare on the Homeland against individuals labeled "enemy combatants" mean that the CIA has been given the legal authority to carry out another holocaust, this time of US citizens. 

Since 500 people can be legally killed if they are labeled "collateral damage," all it takes is directing one "high-level enemy combatant" into a herd of people to kick-start World War III, with the shadow government already having drawn up extensive plans to eliminate anyone vehemently opposed to the globalist agenda of endless conflict for profit.

The National Security Agency has dirt on the 37 electors that need to be flipped on Monday, and 370 million dollars is an insignificant quantity of bribe money when it means denying the presidency to someone who plans to concentrate on America and not on being the world's paramilitary strongman. 

There will be resistance and the fact that the elite have begun shutting down alternative media means that they really are preparing to carry out this coup and arrest anyone who opposes them on the internet. 

Should bribing and threatening electors not be enough, then the shadow leaders of the United States who run the country through its intelligence agencies will nuke Washington DC and implement "continuity of government" plans, thereafter censoring the media and imprisoning Alex Jones and other members of the "alt-right" who would oppose the Machiavellian power grab that is unfolding this very moment.

There is speculation that President Obama has drawn up plans to govern from Hawaii, where he is conveniently on vacation at the moment, after a low-yield device levels the White House.

The Land of the Free may be seeing its darkest days ahead, with an evil drone executioner governing from an island fortress, a man that no one really knows anything about, whose birth certificate has just been confirmed fake and who may try anything to cover up the past 8 years of his criminal rule.