The First Man Who Can Scientifically Explain How Some Humans Can Naturally Quantum Mechanically Predict the Future Walks the Earth

Over the past several years, amazing discoveries have been made regarding the genetics of the human species. Although the Bible teaches us that Adam and Eve were the progenitors of all human beings, science can now explain that Sub-Saharan humans are the only ones on earth who did not interbreed with Neanderthals or Denisovans.

Europeans have 2-6% Neanderthal blood, a human species that we know a lot about due to the number of fossils left behind in caves around Southern Europe, where many men still sport an occipital bun, a feature found at the back of the skull of Neanderthal man.

Although we know little about the Denisovans, we can deduce from genetic knowledge that the people of Tibet can perform amazing feats at high altitude thanks to contributions from a species that today we know almost nothing about.

Since it is impossible to deny that modern humans are affected by their non-human genetics physically, is it also possible that some are also affected by inherited mental traits which give them abilities that some humans don't have?

Since the contributions to the modern human gene pool by Denisovans and Neanderthals have been heavily diluted, it would stand to reason that it is inherited "abnormalities" that allow some people to have exceptional abilities.

Since the brain is a computer and some theorize that the left temporal lobe is responsible for the perception of time, wouldn't it also stand to reason that a sack of cerebrospinal fluid in that part of the brain can create the space needed for quantum entanglement?

If there is indeed some form of quantum force operating in what is essentially the brain's processor, wouldn't it also stand to reason that a person with an arachnoid cyst in this part of the brain is essentially born with a quantum processor that allows him to control their perception of time and to make temporal predictions?

Although scary sounding, arachnoid cysts are merely sacks of of cerebrospinal fluid primarily found between the spinal chord and the arachnoid membrane, and many people have two.

I theorize that Denisovans were psychological hunters who implanted dreams into their prey, and that those dream implantations allowed them to calculate which route their prey would take, thus allowing them to set appropriate traps. 

Since superior hunting abilities outweighed the risk of an early death from a stroke until relatively modern times, it stands to reason that it was oftentimes preferable to have a temporal lobe cyst that gave the hunter the ability to calculate prey movements using natural intuition for quantum mechanics.

Since time is a relative dimension, it stands to reason that an individual that concentrates under fear of death is capable of perceiving time more slowly, and that the ability to concentrate essentially activates this power.

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For the psychological hunter, fear and adrenaline activate the ability to quantum mechanically make calculations, unlike people who have ADHD and are thus always capable of perceiving time slowly, regardless of emotional state.

People who have a natural ability for quantum mechanics may be mistaken for daydreamy, or they may be diagnosed with ADHD-PI. Since this power requires extreme emotional arousal to be activated, when educators learn to discover it in students and harness it, we will likely enter a new era of human ingenuity. 

Einstein may not have been able to even imagine what will be scientifically possible once everyone who has this power is taught to harness it. We may soon enter the Quantum Era.