Discovery of Obama's Fake Birth Certificate Has Power to Bring Down the Republic

As Abreu Report wrote in May of this year, there is strong reason to suspect that President Obama's birth certificate is a fabrication, and given the uncertain course of the war against the Islamic State, the world has reached the point that highly-skilled operatives who grow up speaking English will be sent to infiltrate the United States with fake birth certificates and manufactured Syrian passports, which the terror proto-state can produce in terrifying numbers.

Soon coming to every corner? YNW
Considering the Soviet-like structure of the Islamic State, inherited from the fact that many of its members are former organizers of Saddam Hussein's secret police, it is only natural to presume that the terror group will try at all cost to train agents who will be able to sneak across enemy lines, enter the United States and carry out mass attacks.

If the coming civil war which has been predicted by numerous intelligence officials escalates to the point that government facilities are jeopardized, armed drones will be tasked with protecting them and there is almost certainty that these execution devices from the sky will be used to wipe out endless flows of people, and it will all be legal under President Obama's current interpretation of the international laws of war as 500 Americans could be sent into a field and one enemy combatant sent into their ranks to justify labeling them as collateral damage when they are wiped out.

Carrying out the holocaust today would just be a matter of pushing people into fields and blowing them up with drones, as presently this would be a legal way to kill more people than Adolph Hitler did through currently illegal means, since a mass execution order of suspected enemy combatants is not presently allowed under international laws of war but would likely have been declared legal by the Nazis after winning the war.

Had the Nazis won the war, the history books would have said that President FDR was a multi-term tyrant who was interning Aryans, as the Japanese were considered honorary Aryans of the Reich. History today, if written by the Nazis, would have said FDR was a danger to the world and him having dropped atom bombs on honorary Aryans would mean that many Americans today would feel the same guilt the grandchildren of people who served the Nazis do. 

And today it is apparent that one man with one piece of paper has the power to unleash the end of times, as once President Trump is in power, the Republic may compel him to find Mr. Obama's real birth certificate, which if not found should lead to a trial against the former president for betraying the United States to a foreign power.