Exodus of Secret Society Members Hints at Civil War in the United States

The fear is palpable in the United States and the most powerful globalists are predicting that civil war could break out at any moment, with some estimating that up to 60 million men, women, and children could see their lives ended in a drone-fueled insurgency that sets North America ablaze and shapes the course of world history for centuries to come.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder himself added to fears that the Office of the President could order drone strikes on US soil after he refused to specifically say that the White House would not kill citizens on the Homeland. Mr. Holder could have simply said that President Barack Obama would not use drones to kill US citizens on the Homeland, but in using legalese, he essentially told the American people that the person who would inherit the presidency of the United States would have the power to kill on US soil using drones, relying on Supreme Court precedent from World War II.

Preparing for the worst. WKM
Since the Supreme Court ruled during WWII that the President could have people executed secretly even if they had not committed sabotage, the Obama administration has used that power to justify the killing of anyone even if they are not fighting on the battlefield.

According to an individual in one prominent society with members planted in the upper echelons of the US government, it's not President-elect Trump he's afraid of, it's the ruthless ideologues who could inherit his government should he be assassinated that these people fear.

At this stage in history there are men who are deciding how they will shape the course of the coming civil war in the United States, and President Trump may be tasked with preventing casualties on US soil from exceeding catastrophic numbers, as parts of the nation may try to fragment away from Washington's grip.

The exodus is as planned as the civil war, with top members of certain groups being relocated to remote areas in New Zealand as certainty grows nearer that America is on the verge of descending into anarchy or nationwide martial law.

In fact, some suspect that there are plans already drawn up to kill President Trump in his hat, to ensure that his supporters turn him into a messianic figure, guaranteeing that a conservative core will dominate the United States for generations to come through the creation of the most powerful symbol of the 21st century, whose recognition could be as enduring in history as the Nazi Swastika and the Soviet hammer & sickle. 

Some have even said that President Trump wants to be a martyr, and that he is ready to pay the price if it means saving the Republic.