Dominican Government Took No Action After Jesuits Decried Organ Market of Haitian Children on Border

The Dominican Republic, a heavily Catholic country, is crawling with Jesuits, who wield enormous influence over the nation's border patrol and political elite. In certain areas of the island, Jesuits have de facto control and have created parallel communities, replacing the government in every sense, with Dominican soldiers even afraid of entering these no-go areas. 

Although accusations have recently been made against the Jesuits linking them to the trafficking of Haitian minors, credit must be given to some elements within the militant society who decried the savage market which is still in operation on the border of one of the most dangerous areas of the Americas, where Haitian mercenaries regularly attack Dominican soldiers to steal their weapons and where the rule of law is as real as the government.

According to Gurabo Live, The Jesuit Refugee Service reported that for a mere 20,000 pesos (less than 430 dollars) children were being put up for sale, with their organs also made available for transplant at a greater sum.

Trafficked to the US?
Some have written that individuals who profit directly from the large-scale purchase and sale of children from Haiti, where slavery is still a brutal fact of life, enjoy such a level of influence over ruling politicians that any effort to lift the country out of its status as a failed state, something which would threaten the organ and underage human trade, will lead to even a sitting senator getting gunned down in broad daylight.

Powerful men are in the business of trafficking Haitian children abroad, and the Dominican government turns a blind eye to the human markets around the Jesuit-run border hamlets partially due to the extreme pressure it faces from NGOs linked to the Clintons and other powerful democrats, who often visit the island of Hispaniola to partake in voodoo rituals.

There's no estimating how many children have been victimized while the authorities remain silent, unable to cope with the number of people suffering.

Although international groups for the rights of minors have demanded that the Dominican government crackdown on the human markets where children's body parts are bargained for, the State Department regularly puts pressure on Santo Domingo to take the opposite action.

It is only with the election of Donald Trump that the Dominican government may finally be able to implement a strong border policy that could put an end to the inhumanity of the children's meat markets near the border, as the small island nation's regularly finds itself unable to handle the daily flow of thousands of undocumented immigrants.