Elite May Force Trump to Deploy National Guard on "Sanctuary" Campuses

1878-2017. RIP
A dangerous game of brinkmanship is playing out across America's overpriced, elite college campuses as radical flag-burning groups, many financed by billionaire George Soros, openly demand for the violation of federal law.

During George W. Bush's second term in office, Congress passed the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act, giving the president the power to deploy the National Guard without the consent of governors, a power which was taken from Bush near the end of his term by the same leftist college students who will now force Congress to give President Trump the power to deploy military forces on US soil, directly on its liberal campuses.

Although the left was demanding that the federal government take a greater role in the life of college students during the current democratic administration, particularly by petitioning stiff enforcement of Title IX, they are now violently badgering the federal government to stay out of the lives of students, even as some of them steal spots from native-born, law-abiding Americans who didn't break into the country. 

Although US citizens have to be vetted before starting college, aliens who've entered the country illegally aren't investigated by DHS and some have prior sexual felonies in their home countries. American liberals wanted safety from sexual predators on campus during the Obama years, and now they are threatening school administrators with violence should they enforce federal law that would keep them safe from gender violence by unvetted immigrants.

Liberals who have spent years demanding that the government cut off funds to schools which didn't set up arbitrary kangaroo courts where young, red-blooded Americans are subjected to less due process than people whose ancestors never contributed to the development of the American republic, with some having taken up arms against us in the past, are now threatening retaliation should the federal government intrude on their "right" to create a sanctuary for people stealing college spots from citizens.

College campuses across America will become battlefields after the Trump administration begins enforcing the law and prioritizing citizens, and the elite will do everything in their power to make sure that he is forced to deploy the National Guard, even without the consent of the governor. Liberals first demanded that the government provide them safety, and now they're essentially creating the conditions for the government to send in the military and pacify them.