Trump Call to Taiwan Increases Risk of Biological Weapons Holocaust

The Chinese government lodged formal protest after President-elect Donald Trump broke with protocol and contacted the president of Taiwan, someone considered the leader of a renegade province by the communist leadership in Beijing. 

In angering the Chinese, Mr. Trump is signaling that he intends to keep his promise to end the pilfering of American jobs to large factories in Asia, concentrating instead on beefing up defense of Washington's crucial allies in the region. Mr. Trump's call hints at what his Asia-policy will resemble, with preference given to countries buying American-made weapons.

The Chinese have recently begun taking a page out of the Trump playbook and are now openly talking of conspiracies in the South China Sea, with the latest move likely to increase the number of missile tests conducted by an increasingly-bellicose Beijing leadership. 

Chinese escalation sets stage for all-out war. YNW
Just yesterday, the Free Beacon reported that China's military conducted "flight tests of 10 DF-21 intermediate-range ballistic missiles." Given the timing of Taiwan's phone call with the United States, the communist leadership in China will now likely feel that they need to increase the number of missiles which they launch, and even around Taiwanese waters. 

As Abreu Report wrote in February of this year, the Taiwanese have been preparing for any eventuality should a numerically-superior enemy such as China decide to invade, primarily by stockpiling biological weapons, even abroad with their few allies. 

The apparent support given to Taiwan may increase their enthusiasm in taking on the Chinese, and their leadership could be pushed to use the country's arsenal should a DF-21 missile strike a Taiwanese navy boat. The world is one errant missile strike away from witnessing a biological weapons holocaust that ends millions of lives.