Fears of Globalist Plot to Assassinate Abinader During Trump Inauguration

Most targeted man next to Trump. PE
Butyric acid is not the only danger facing Washington DC in the coming days as the Department of Homeland Security has increased the number of people to guard against a potential bioweapons attack that would disrupt the inauguration and alter the fate of not just the United States, but of the world since some of the most prominent opponents of unfettered globalism are slated to be in the nation's capital for what could be the most volatile transition of power in American history. 

Among those expected to attend Donald Trump's inauguration is Luis Abinader, who with help from Rudy Giuliani ran a campaign to bring down open-border allies of Hillary Clinton down in the Dominican Republic. 

Mr. Abinader, although unsuccessful in his bid last year to unseat the long-ruling party of Dominican strongman Danilo Medina, was the true winner of the elections since his newly-formed party became the second-largest on the island. 

Mr. Abinader painted a hard target on his back in February of last year when he opposed plans by George Soros' Open Foundation to "fill up the Dominican Republic with Haitians," an act of treason carried out with the tacit approval of the ruling government.

At the behest of leftist globalists, President Medina has sought to undermine a decision by the Constitutional Tribunal which clarifies that the children of foreign laborers are not instantly entitled to Dominican nationality, in line with European law as opposed to the American tradition of birthright citizenship.

As the Dominican Republic continues its meteoric economic ascent, the number of citizens of the country willing to make clandestine voyages to the US commonwealth of Puerto Rico has declined dramatically, something which will change within a decade as the demographics of the island are altered brutally. 

The globalists know that to flood the Homeland, all it takes is mass civil unrest in Haiti which leads to mass numbers of people migrating towards Puerto Rico, a plan which the Haitian elite have already publicly embraced

Mr. Abinader's presence on the island of Hispaniola is the only thing keeping 200,000 Haitians from invading the US at the behest of the French-speaking elite and their allies in the Clinton Foundation. Given his smaller security entourage, it may just be the case that Mr. Abinader could be in just as much danger as Mr. Trump during the turbulent period that lies ahead.