Muslim Infiltration Feared at Highest Levels of CIA as Trump's Life in Jeopardy

Droning for Sharia. SU
Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan is quickly becoming one of the most feared men in the United States, as the once obscure government official takes on President-elect Donald Trump, potentially setting the stage for a bloody coup in the Homeland.

During Mr. Brennan's term as head of the CIA, the Islamic State has metastasized into a full-blown global infection whose ongoing spread threatens to take down governments across the entire Middle East in a cascading effect that only feeds the justification for the very drone program which has fed the growth of the terror army.

Intelligence experts not in the direct line of fire of the US national security establishment have openly speculated as to Mr. Brennan's objectives, and wonder if his time in Saudi Arabia has perhaps affected his loyalties. 

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent John Guandolo almost derailed Mr. Brennan's Senate nomination in 2013 when he revealed that the former Saudi Arabia station chief had visited Mecca, something only permitted for Muslims, and thus indicating that he had converted to the faith. Nonetheless, Mr. Brennan's confirmation went through as Muslim advocacy groups came to his defense, in the same way that he's now silently advocating for the defense of radical Islam.

Saudi Wahhabism has only grown stronger since Mr. Guandolo risked his life in exposing Mr. Brennan's secret conversion to a radical branch of Islam, and today the former Riyadh station chief stands accused of leaking fake news about President-elect Trump. 

Intelligence experts speculate that Mr. Brennan is concerned that the CIA's rise as a paramilitary army waging covert drone warfare around the globe will be compromised by Mr. Trump's decisive nature and his willingness to deal death blows to the enemy instead of cherry-picking moderates to take out, leaving the most radical Jihadists to believe that they are destined by Allah for a mission.

Mr. Trump won't tolerate picking off the bottom of the barrel; he's going to decisively end the war. 

However, ending the War on Terror is not Mr. Brennan's objective, and his strategy reveals that. It's not that President-elect Trump's life is in danger just because he's taking on radical Wahhabism and the CIA, it's that they're one and the same and bringing them down also threatens the plans of the Military-Industrial Complex for a-hundred-year-war.

Should a massive terror attack take place in America soon, we won't truly know who attacked us, since the enemy now appears to be deep inside the Homeland.