Era of Hybridization: Globalists Plotting "End of Human Law" as Knowledge of Genetics Rapidly Advances

Preached for creation of new spiritual race.
Count Richard von Coudenhovi-Calergi is one of the architects of the modern world and considered a founding father of the European Union. The Count was born of an Austrian nobleman and a wealthy Japanese heiress, considering himself an Aryan and holding antisemitic views during his youth, views which changed as he began to believe that the Jews were the intellectual elite of Europe and that a mixed-race man would one day dominate the earth.

Shortly after the holocaust, Count Coudenhovi-Calergi secretly traveled to the Dominican Republic, where a man friendly to fascist ideas of human betterment through the mixing of the races was dictator.

During his iron-fisted, multi-decade rule, Rafael Trujillo sought to mold the Dominican people in the ideas of Count Coudenhovi-Calergi, giving out 100,000 visas to Jews at the Evian Conference in 1939 and making a deal with Spanish dictator Francisco Franco to import "men of good stock."

Although most of the records of Trujillo's human breeding project were destroyed shortly after his death, the recent discovery that people of European descent interbred with Neanderthals and that Asians interbred with the Denisovans, another extinct species, has fueled an underground movement among the elite to once again engage in the selective evolution of the species. 

Humans are to be bred like cattle. AGN
Owing to human law being written before it was scientifically known that humans were a hybrid species, some lawyers for the elite have already begun to draft legal opinions that will tear down reality as we know it.

Since Henry Kissinger and other men who can legalize anything decided to make the Dominican Republic their vacation playground, the Dominican government has decided to deny citizenship to more than 140,000 people of Haitian descent, with their deportation now sealed fate with Donald Trump's victory.

Should a Third World War break out as planned in the coming years, it will provide the cloak necessary for small, determined governments to undo human law in their jurisdictions.

In several generations, the elite will have evolved into different human sub-species, with anyone not selectively bred to be a born-Olympic genius ending up relegated to the bottom of the herd and legally discriminated against.

The Harvard and Yale graduates of the 22nd century may be tasked with writing about "primitive times," before bad looks, sub-genius IQ, and physical weaknesses had been largely eliminated from the population.