CIA Fueled Islamist Insurgency by Targeting Rivals of "MK-Ultra in Iraq" Subjects

As The Guardian reported in 2013, Colonel Jim Steel and General David Petraeus sought out to feed the insurrection in Iraq after the George W. Bush administration invaded on the false pretense of discovering weapons of mass destruction which then-dictator Saddam Hussein could supposedly pass on to Al-Qaeda. Although the Sunnis and the Shiites largely got along despite having a Sunni strongman at the helm, the violent upset in the balance of power and the disbanding of the Iraqi Army created the desired instability which enabled the Central Intelligence Agency to establish prisons and secretly begin doing the work of creating and uplifting the terror army which today calls itself the Islamic State.

 Groomed by CIA after temporal lobe implant?
There is little speculation in intelligence circles as to the fact that the National Security Council places on the Disposition Matrix with priority not the most effective fighter on the battlefield, but rather the most effective non-religious radical. Setting upon that task, prisons during the Iraqi occupation were segregated by religious sect, and in the same way that violent segregation flourishes in US prisons, it began to flourish in Iraqi detention centers where suspected Islamic insurgents were allowed to self-radicalize and develop connection networks.

Even though it is admitted that the CIA targeted moderates and allowed religious extremists to breed, what's not admitted is how the paramilitary shadow agency determines who is an appropriate radical leader that can be groomed for future confrontation. MK-Ultra, the CIA's mind control experiment programs, allowed for the scientific analysis of the region of the brain responsible for extreme religiosity, the left temporal lobe.

Although there is no "God Spot" in the brain, the left temporal lobe, should it be properly damaged or affected, will allow for the creation of a religious warrior that will not stray from the path if properly broken in prison. 

Although there are individuals who are born with natural pressure in this region of the brain, it is also possible to implant a silicon ball into this part of the brain, thus creating artificial religious pressure that comes with an expiration date that coincides with the breakdown of the implant.

There's no magic to brainwashing, all it takes is delivering a blow to the head that knocks out the subject, sedating him and implanting a mechanical object that places pressure in the religious region of the brain. If the smartest men are selected for sedation and silicon ball transplantation, all that's needed thereafter is extreme isolation combined with religious segregation and conditioning in order to produce a perfect MK-Ultra subject. 

Brain surgery subject?
Drugs that artificially induce a daydream state and aid in the transfer of a religious mission, such as the building of a Caliphate, were extensively used in Iraq's prisons by the CIA as the precursor to the Islamic State was molded.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi didn't naturally rise from the rubble of one of George W. Bush's bombs to become head of the Islamic State; his mind was molded and altered in ways that he himself cannot understand during his time as a prisoner in America's notorious torture camps.

Setting up the Caliphate was as easy as capturing a bunch of guys, implanting silicon balls into their left temporal lobes, and beating the desired religious mission into them before releasing them into the wild with occasional bouts of assistance.

Obama didn't "create ISIS;" he merely was the political figurehead when the CIA-created temporal lobe Jihadists decided to follow their programming and call themselves a Caliphate. It's not that we're dealing with smarter men, it's that we're dealing with religiously restless men who will never find peace until their expiration date arrives, something which they can feel as their implant begins to fail.

The longer this war goes on, the better the CIA will get at selecting and grooming implant recipients; until the day arrives that it will be impossible to prevent the shadow agency's control of a society in an endless state of war.