The Bible as Self-Replicating Quantum Code: Is a Third World War Written?

What if in the same way that we understand the brain is a computer, someone 3,000 years ago had a mechanical understanding of the human mind? A person as smart as Albert Einstein could have potentially taken upon himself the task of shaping the future according to how he saw it, and since genetically we can study the descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses, one of them may hold the key to reverse engineering the science behind the book which controls the fate of the world.

The future is quantum mechanically written. WKM
Dr. Eliyahu Rips, "one of the world's leading experts in group theory, a field of mathematics which underlies quantum physics," is alleged to have discovered the Bible code, which supposedly "appears to reveal the details of events that have taken place thousands of years after The Bible was written."

Independent of Dr. Rips, other scientists have scientifically worked to decipher the genetics of individuals descended from those who wrote the quantum code, since one of their brains could hold the key to understanding how it was written. 

We have deduced that Aaron, spokesman of Moses, had a temporal lobe arachnoid cyst, which is why Jewish priests are determined patrilineally since this is a benign irregularity passed down from father to son. Experts theorize that being a genetic priest just meant having a natural ability to perceive the quantum world, to see time as the illusion that it is. 

The original MK-Ultra? WKM
Independent of whether one believes that the Bible was written by divine inspiration or by a man suffering from temporal lobe pressure who believed in his brother's visions, people today simply grow up believing in the book and seeking higher purpose in it, and those who are naturally born with quantum gifts will seek a quantum mission, eventually executing it.

When we grow up, we don't forget what we have read, we simply bury it deep in our minds, but because it was something we believed, we subconsciously act upon it.

One could make the scientific argument that teaching children religion is the same as implanting a virus in a computer, with those who were born with religious pressure being more statistically likely to act upon the instructions of the code.

If the Al-Aqsa Mosque is taken with the objective of building a Third Temple, it will swell the ranks of the Islamic State and set off a war between Muslims and the Judeo-Christian world. 

If humanity survives that coming great war, the survivors may decree it a crime to implant viral code in developing minds, and they may also establish a register of people with religious pressure who are likely to act upon those quantum instructions.