Dominican President Remains Silent on Killing of New York Times Reporter Investigating MK-ULTRA

Presidential cover-up? FB
Almost a year ago, Abreu Report broke the news in the English media concerning the gruesome murder of New York Times reporter Sarah Kershaw in the Dominican Republic. Police in Sosua, where Europeans fleeing the Holocaust resettled after the Evian Conference, reported that Ms. Kershaw was found "asphyxiated due to strangulation," with revelations of her investigation into MK-ULTRA and psychotronic weapons leading investigators to change their story and claim that the former New York Times reporter placed a bag over her own head.

Evidence, however, shows that Ms. Kershaw was investigating what has become the "Area 51" of the Caribbean, with the closure of the US naval base in the Puerto Rican island of Vieques leading the Pentagon to relocate to the southern Dominican Republic, a country twice occupied by the US in the 20th century.

Energy expenditure on the island of Hispaniola since Ms. Kershaw's death has increased astronomically, with certain areas regularly reporting blackouts. Milton Morrison, writing for Listin Diario, the oldest Dominican daily, explained two months after Ms. Kershaw's death that electrical companies in the close US ally were forced to schedule in blackouts without it following "technical logic," but rather "administrative aspects."

Mr. Morrison states in his shocking article that there's "currently sufficient electricity being generated to meet declared national demand," with his report compounding terrifying revelations by Dominican Today that the current government has been secretly building power plants under new power plants.

Some have theorized that whatever the Pentagon has colluded to build in the Dominican Republic with the current government of strongman Danilo Medina was put into place to prepare for a Donald Trump victory, with secrecy kept so tight that only a select few outside of the military truly know what's taking place.

Henry Kissinger has joined the Clintons and other members of the American elite in colonizing areas of the Caribbean island where mysterious experiments are alleged to take place, with the likelihood that bizarre, high-energy psychotronic weapons are being used in mind-altering research. 

Should a civil war break out in the United States, it's already pretty clear where the elite have built their vacation bunkers.