Radical Jesuits Plot Vicious Trump Takedown as Vatican's Plans Collapse

Ready to destroy the world if domination plans fail. YNW
Pope Benedict XVI didn't resign; he was the victim of a coup d'etat at the hands of Jesuits who now hold a militant-level of control over the Vatican. 

Allegations have been shared in intelligence circles that the most militant elements within the Jesuit Order took it upon themselves to gather compromising evidence with which to force Pope Benedict XVI to hand over control of the Vatican to a Jesuit. 

Today the Jesuits see their open border goals in jeopardy due to the rise of Donald Trump, and Pope Francis has begun to ratchet up the rhetoric, decrying populist politicians when he himself has used populism to restore the image of the Church in the wake of pedophilia scandals and subsequent cover-ups.

Although counterintelligence operatives with connections to the Vatican have exhaustively attempted to find dirt on President Trump, their work has been in vain. When operatives tied to the Vatican are unable to find confession-intel to bring down a target, then more brutal methods must be utilized. 

Should the Jeff Sessions Justice Department choose to aggressively go after some of the individuals linked to the Haitian child-trafficking ring run by Jesuits out of the Dominican Republic, it could very well lead to  trained Vatican operatives assassinating President Trump even if it sparks what could eventually finalize in the Apocalypse. 

After Donald Trump's almost divine upset this past November, the Clintons, Henry Kissinger, and other members of the globalist elite began to prepare for what could be one of the bloodiest chapters in American history, a period that may see exponentially more citizens dying than the Civil War.

While most Americans studying the infiltration of pernicious foreign influence into the republic focus on George Soros and his Black Lives Matter radicals, little attention has been paid to Pope Francis and the micro-state which he rules over as absolute monarch that enables him to decide the fate of as many people as Caliph Ibrahim of the Islamic State dreams of eventually controlling.

An army of Mexican Catholics already serves effectively as a Fifth Column for the Vatican, and the right events and commands by the Pope could activate them to riot and bring down President Trump. Vatican infiltration of the United States government may be a more serious threat to national security than infiltration by the Islamic State.