Wolf's Head Assassin Has US Senator in Crosshairs Over Upcoming United Nations Vote

Treason openly plotted within? WKM
A prominent United States Senator could be brutally assassinated in the coming months should a recently-introduced bill to withdraw from the United Nations pass the House of Representatives and make its way to the Senate, where a Republican majority may ostensibly give it approval before sending it to President Trump's desk.

According to a power broker in globalist circles, the secret society elite are on the verge of revolting as their instruments of power come under heavy fire from a newly-energized American public. The Yale graduate sharing the sensitive information, a former high-ranking government official during the George H.W. Bush administration, told Abreu Report that "drunken punchlines have become sober whispers," and that people are now openly discussing ways to cripple the United States in a more dramatic fashion than it would have been crippled if the "Business Plot" had succeeded before WWII.

Although the Business Plot failed because General Smedley Butler risked his life to reveal the treasonous plan which had been suggested to him, the Wolf's Head elite won't make the same mistake again of hiring a man who is not fully committed to the task of overthrowing the republic and installing a fascist dictatorship. 

Another General Butler walks the United States, and he has already been entrusted with raising an army of disgruntled leftists who will march into the home of a US Senator and shoot him point blank in the face to prevent or delay a vote on America's withdrawal from the United Nations. 

A new era is starting with Donald Trump's victory, and members of Wolf's Head have already decided that violence is a viable solution to preventing human progress. 

Heavy security prevented killers from making their way to Washington DC for President Trump's inaugural while the elite stayed away for fear of what they know has already been planned: the destabilization of America at the hands of a tiny, secretive cabal. 

Pretty soon, the top globalists will decide that they have little to lose, since the United Nations is their main tool of oppression and human enslavement. A wounded beast which fears it has nothing to lose is the most dangerous one, and it appears the beast will strike at the heart of America soon.