Saudis May Nuke Mecca, Blame It On Trump Should He Reveal 9/11 Truth

Saudi monarchy may start WWIII in hope of preserving self. YNW
The War on Terror stretches into what could be one of the longest wars in recorded human history, and President Donald Trump's resolve to end the bellicose conflict could clash with his previous assertions that the American people may learn that it was not just Osama bin Laden and a couple of dozen members of Al-Qaeda that executed the attacks of 9/11, but that they had help from elements within the Saudi monarchy. 

According to an expert knowledgeable on matters of Saudi state security, the more radical fringes of the extended royal family are quietly whispering their plans should President Trump decide to break with the kingdom. Since Osama bin Laden's supposed rationale for attacking the US on 9/11 stemmed from the illegitimacy of the relationship between the royal family and Washington, President Trump breaking with them should in theory reduce the ranks of Islamic Jihadists. 

The Saudi monarchy needs to make sure that Washington breaking relations does not lead to their isolation from the rest of the moderate world, as the kingdom relies on US military assistance to prop itself up and suppress more radical elements within the population that would overthrow the current order and pledge loyalty to the Islamic State.

Borrowing from Israel's Samson Option, whereby the Israeli government would launch nuclear weapons at their allies who abandon them to annihilation, thereby destroying the world, the Saudis have decided to nuke Mecca should their current allies abandon them to the Islamic State, thereby setting off the entire Muslim world and potentially precipitating the end of times.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a chess grandmaster, and a ruthless military tactician. Kremlinologists theorize that Mr. Putin secretly backed Mr. Trump largely because they share the same desire to quickly end the war, before ISIS gains the power to kill millions at-will.

Although most apologists for radical Jihadists point out that Israel is the main impediment for peace in the Middle East, it is ultimately Saudi Arabia that holds the keys to ending the religious conflict engulfing the region, as the radical Wahhabbism exported by the kingdom produced and still feeds the Islamic State.

To defeat the Islamic State, the United States will have to break with the Saudi monarchy, and they have decided to nuke themselves, starting a war that could result in 600 million dead. If humanity survives the upcoming escalation in the War on Terror, history will at least say the ending was brief.