Mexican Military Close to Effectuating Violent Takeover of Democratic Government

Fear of cartel takeover used for martial law justification? Notimex
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has lost more than just a strong partner in the United States, he appears to be losing the support of the only thing keeping powerful cartels from taking over the seat of government: the military.

Just weeks ago, the Mexican president was forced to deploy the military on the streets, as a war against narco-gangs appears to have no end in sight. 

Although the Mexican government officially remains at peace, many intelligence experts believe that a state of insurrection should long ago have been declared and martial law been implemented in border areas dominated by violent cartels. 

As the North American Free Trade zone appears destined to collapse and with it thousands of factory jobs stolen from Americans, mass unrest seems all but certain throughout Mexico. 

Having already unleashed the devil upon the streets, Mr. Peña Nieto has set in motion the task of handing over the upcoming presidential elections to the army, which may delegitimize them and thus lead to the very unrest which will allow a military junta to justify suspending the country's constitution. 

The coming civil war could be brutal, as Mexico's population has exploded to unsustainable levels, President Trump's wall couldn't come soon enough. Although the cartels which threaten the government are already busy doing the work of digging tunnels to sneak war refugees into the United States, the wall will stop the bulk of influx and allow the Border Patrol to concentrate on busting tunnel-boring gangs.

Already some members of the Mexican Senate have suggested that the country no longer cooperate on matters of anti-terrorism, which could lead to severe repercussions as cartels have in recent years made deals with Jihadists to smuggle in extremists into the Homeland.

The military junta slated to rule over Mexico will largely concentrate on cracking down on dissent, and the United States will be left with the task of preventing the flow of terrorists. Mexico's predatory economic model and its wanton disregard for the growth of drug cartels has left it in a vulnerable position, and the recklessness of the Mexican elite has put the Homeland at grave risk.