Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of ACLU Puts Americans at Risk

Enemy sabotage without weapons. Wikia
The American Civil Liberties Union has once again gone out of its way to put America at risk, this time preventing President Donald Trump from keeping the Homeland safe by extra vetting refugees as is consistent with international law and common sense. The average American simply does not understand the threat that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi poses; he's not some Osama Bin Laden without money, he's an Adolph Hitler who enjoys getting down with the troops on the front lines just so the adrenaline and rush of death helps him concentrate on the task of planning future attacks against the West.

According to Yahoo News, ACLU national political director Faiz Shaki hopes that challenging President Trump's efforts to secure the Homeland leads to him "losing."

However, it won't be President Trump that loses if refugees are allowed unvetted into the United States: it'll be regular Americans who will see their limbs blown to bits as the War on Terror escalates with the Islamic State getting desperate as it is cornered in its terror capital by a newly-determined US Army. 

Although President Trump's newly-signed executive orders seem draconian in their quick implementation, even a tolerant country such as the Netherlands has laws which are far more restrictive. 

Our editor-in-chief, a US citizen with legal status in the European Union under his Dutch citizen mom, was given a 90-day exit order from the Netherlands just the same as President Trump has done, to allow for the person to be vetted.

It doesn't matter that out editor was not in the Netherlands illegally nor charged with a crime: he was suspected of breaking a city hall ordinance and that's enough reason to tell someone that they have to exit the country for 90 days. The United States and the Netherlands are at war against Islamic infiltrators, and therefore the two countries have every right to close their borders to non-citizens until the end of hostilities, and doing so may speed up the end of the conflict as it allows security services to concentrate on external as opposed to internal operations. 

At this moment in history President Trump needs to focus on making sure that everyone inside of the Homeland and coming into the country has no connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, and since former President Barack Obama essentially merged the organization with some of the nation's intelligence services, even the people doing the vetting have to be vetted.

The people President Obama allowed into the United States with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are not real refugees, since they are militant Sunnis and could be recruited by the Islamic State instead of slated for execution. Although there were native Germans who could have legitimately qualified for refugee status in the United States during World War II, they were privileged members of the majority enemy group and represented an espionage and sabotage threat that could have jeopardized the war effort. Sunnis in the Islamic State enjoy a status similar to Aryans in the Third Reich and could pose a recruitment threat, as could their children should the War on Terror last another generation.

The Muslim Brotherhood apologists in the ACLU are busy comparing President Trump's current implementation of a vetting stage as something that will be remembered in history as an episode similar to the US turning away Jews who were later massacred in concentration camps. But President Trump isn't turning away a minority, he's merely giving a temporary exit order as is consistent with his powers as commander-in-chief to people who can find safety in other states and would have a privileged status in enemy territory.

In the same way that our editor had a US passport and a European Union residence permit which allowed him to travel to other countries outside of the Netherlands, a green card enables supposed refugees to travel with privileges that only citizens of developed countries enjoy. The ACLU is knowingly endangering the war effort; it is they who will be judged by history.