Lack of Assimilation Tests for Suspected Jihadis Endangers US National Security

To enter the Netherlands, foreigners must first take a class on Dutch culture and values and then pass a test that indicates how well they will assimilate to the society. Schilderswijk, a section of The Hague populated by marginalized Muslim youths, where violent riots erupted just recently after police were embroiled in the death of a Caribbean tourist in another city, highlights the necessity for tougher immigration laws.

Cannot be easily deported despite evident failure and willingness to assimilate. RTL
Although America is a nation of immigrants, the world today is interconnected in ways that would have made everyone a suspected foreign government agent liable to execution just decades before the advent of the internet. No American citizen of Japanese descent who was legally interned during World War II enjoyed unfettered access to Tokyo-produced propaganda, nor did he have the ability to communicate surreptitiously throughout the day with enemy agents.

Today, any person inside of the United States can simply open their smartphone and be subjected to enemy propaganda produced by the evil masterminds in Raqqa. Although the Russians were blamed by some disgruntled parties for spreading "fake news," it is the Islamic State doing so that should terrify every American. Make no mistake about it, ISIS is busy bombarding US citizens with its pernicious propaganda, and Muslims inside of the US are affected by it even if they don't realize they are consuming manufactured news meant to radicalize them against the West.

The ongoing global conflict against Islamic terrorists has given the United States two choices: deport Muslims who don't assimilate, or continue the march toward becoming a codified police state on an endless war footing.

Due to the interconnected nature of the world, it is inevitable that there will be a Schilderswijk in the United States in less than a generation, and the War on Terror likely won't have ended. People who have two identities may decide that the death of a tourist in another city in the country is reason to riot, and if generational Muslims begin rioting inside of the United States, it will allow the Islamic State to swell its ranks.

Could enter US with Belgian passport
In March of last year, the Islamic State released video featuring Flemish/Dutch-speaking Jihadis, signaling their intent to target marginalized Muslims wherever they may congregate in the West. 

Should the government suspect that an individual has failed to assimilate and harbors pro-ISIS feelings, he should be made to take an assimilation test, and should he fail that test, deportation should promptly follow. 

The current system of sending FBI agents to people's homes, asking inconsistent questions, hasn't functioned very well at keeping America safe. A standardized assimilation test preceded by a class on US values is probably the only thing that's going to prevent the next 9/11. Unless President Trump takes a harder line than the Dutch on assimilation tests, American cities will one day burn by angry Muslim hands.