Radical Elements Within Mexican Military Prepare for Confrontation with United States As California Secession Plot Brews

Coming scenes in America? LaRepublica
If the scenes coming out of Berkeley are any indication of what's to come in the United States, the next 4 years could shape out to be the most violent in the history of the republic. Reports are coming in that the Mexican government is directly financing Antifa, the supposed anti-fascist movement responsible for attacking dozens of innocent Americans and monopolizing speech wherever the group rears its nefarious head. 

Clad in black masks, members of Antifa have since the fall of the Clinton dynasty engaged in brutal attacks against Donald Trump supporters, with increasing reports of undocumented Mexican nationals crossing the border just to partake in these anti-democratic activities.

As El Chapo's entry to California during his last escape from Mexican prison before being extradited can attest, even the most wanted criminal in the world can simply walk from Tijuana into a rally in Berkeley, don a black mask, and begin doing the work of plunging the United States into anarchy. 

According to an intelligence analyst, the most likely play put into motion by shadow elements of the Mexican government is to provoke a constitutional crisis in California that would force President Trump to override the governor and deploy the National Guard.

The Governor of California may be tasked by history with deciding if President Trump's deployment of the National Guard constitutes justifiable reason for calling in the assistance of Mexican "soldiers on vacation," with radical elements in Mexico already prepared for a bloody confrontation that could turn North America's most populous state into a blood-soaked war zone.

In the same way that the Zimmerman telegram sent to Mexico asking it to assist Germany during WWI with the promise of taking back territory lost during the Mexican-American War led to the United States declaring war against the Kaiser, so too could an encrypted telegram message between the Gov. of California and a Mexican official force President Trump to declare a state of insurrection.

President Trump may very well be obligated to label Antifa a "foreign-backed terror group" seeking to violently overthrow the US government. The Mexican government knows that due to 15 years of war against Islamist terrorists, the US military is overstretched and burned out, and that a state of insurrection in the Homeland will allow it to station troops at the border and ship in "volunteers" with little fear of President Trump retaliating so as to not risk a full break-up of the United States of America. 

At this stage in history, it is already possible that the NSA's facility in Utah has begun doing the work of decrypting the message that will lead to millions of Californians dying. If the American republic should fail to survive what's coming, this could very well be its most spectacular hour.