Renegade CIA Prepares for Detonation of Truck Bomb Near White House as Martial Law Plans Go Into Overdrive

One truck can bring down the republic. Millenium
Olympus is at risk of falling, with members of the Central Intelligence Agency purposefully neglecting to provide critical information to the president that could prevent a truck bomb from going off near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

While radical leftists are up in arms over President Trump's Executive Order slowing down the flow of unvetted immigrants from terror-prone nations into the Homeland, members of the Muslim Brotherhood draft plans to guide the chaos that will result from the coming false flag terror attack.

The United States is at war against the Islamic State, a supremacist collective that seeks to exterminate more people from the face of the earth than Nazi Germany, and the newly-elected president has asked the Pentagon for a plan to extirpate this cancer from the planet. 

We don't know yet how intense the battle will burn in the coming months as the probability presents itself that President Trump could carpet bomb ISIS territory and drop a nuclear bomb on Raqqa, potentially unleashing a wave of indignation across the Muslim world that will justify the current extreme vetting undergone by nationals from terror-prone nations. 

Although it may appear brutal, a ruthless decapitation strike against ISIS may just be the only way to destroy the group's apocalyptic visions and delegitimize their end of the world predictions. 

The War on Terror simply cannot proceed for another 15 years since it will require ever-increasing levels of surveillance to prevent sophisticated attacks from taking place, fully destroying America as a democratic institution. President Trump's victory was a call to liberals everywhere that they were being complacent as a Nobel Peace Prize winner justified the destruction of stable countries and funded extremists with weapons used to fight secular armies while at the same time codifying into law the secret assassination of US citizens and their underage children.

To save America, President Trump needs to quickly end the war, regardless of the intensity of the strikes that may be necessary against ISIS. There will be a wave of indignation that will make America an unpopular country, especially for dropping a nuclear bomb on a Muslim city, yet that is the prize we must pay to save the Constitution and to restore the country to peacetime law. 

The CIA knows that President Trump wants to end the war, and insiders with knowledge of globalist machinations already fear the worst: the commander in chief could be killed inside of the White House.

The situation is so dangerous that the First Lady is likely being asked to stay in a more secure location than Washington because America will need her courage should CIA plans to destroy American democracy go halfway through. The truck that could drive events for the next 1000 years may already have a full tank of gas.