European Governments Draft Plans for Muslim Internment as Iran War Fears Ramp Up

Tomorrow in Europe? YNW
A bellicose Iran has decided to challenge President Donald Trump's travel ban by conducting missile tests, partially financed by the Barack Obama administration. Although it was European leaders who were concerned about President Trump's dismissal of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it shall soon be the White House that puts pressure on Europe to maintain its commitment to the post-WWII order.

While the situation grows ever more tense, top planners in the Pentagon have begun to prepare for the horrifying fact that Iranian missiles could soon be raining down on American facilities in the Persian Gulf and all throughout the Middle East, cutting off the Strait of Hormuz and the world's supply of oil. The number of American and Israeli casualties from the initial barrage is expected to be in the dozens of thousands, sparking a wave of indignation in the Homeland that will far surpass that felt after the attacks of 9/11 and leading to an immediate declaration of war against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Alawite, Hezbollah, and Houthi proxies.

Although the Pentagon has made efforts at encouraging the Iranian regime to disarm and abandon its goals of developing nuclear missiles that could strike the heart of Israel, the Ayatollahs in Tehran have been merely reaping the benefits of increased US rapprochement. The United States is often accused of serving as the "Shiite Air Force" by the same radical Sunnis the Pentagon armed with TOW missiles in their battle against Iranian proxies in Syria.

As long as the United States maintains a favorable relationship with Shiite Iran, the schism with Sunni Islam will continue growing due to ISIS adherents becoming convinced that America is out to destroy their branch of the religion.

Steve Bannon's appointment to the National Security Council was largely due to his understanding of the complex religious dynamics fueling the current war in the Middle East. To win this war, America can't rely on a billion drones and an ever-expanding Disposition Matrix: the underlying diplomatic/religious cracks must be smoothed down and Mr. Bannon has likely decided that the Pentagon can no longer be seen as the Shiite Air Force, and that the status of Israel must be unquestionably resolved.

Iran is planning to dump the dollar by March, and in the past this has led to immediate bombardment campaigns carried out at the behest of America's commander-in-chief, thereby indicating that World War III could formally begin in the coming weeks. 

Although some European leaders have placated their constituents by publicly chastising President Trump's "Muslim ban," in private they have begun to make preparations for controlling people with ties to the 7 countries on the DHS travel ban list; all Iranian allies.

There is very little likelihood that Iran will back down, and President Trump won't be stopped by the courts. One thing is certain: the European Union will soon morph into a federal surveillance state working overtime to stop the influx of millions of new refugees from the coming war that will destroy every notion of citizen safety, or it will collapse aggressively into the old micro-nationalist order.

There likely won't be a place for citizens of the current order who are of a different religion when the new order is put into place through fire. Those internment camps are in the drafting books, and it will be weeks before we find out if the world will cease to exist as we knew it.