Expert Warns of ISIS Plot to Drop Chemical Warhead on Jerusalem

Fears of a quick holocaust in the 21st century. WKM
The head of the Islamic State has promised his followers an apocalyptic battle against 80 nations, and to make it happen he'll drop a chemical warhead on Jerusalem, reawakening memories of the holocaust that will lead to an even more colossal massacre of human beings. 

As the United States prepares for an all out war with the Islamic Republic of Iran, ISIS looks ready to take advantage of America's Air Force being distracted with Iran's vast territory and heavily-fortified military facilities. The military planners in Israel want war with Iran, and it won't take much of an altercation to set off a chain of events that leads to the brutal burning of large parts of the Middle East within a matter of hours.

The carnage unleashed by Iran's initial missile barrage will only be a prelude to ISIS plans to confuse the fight, dropping a chemical warhead on Jerusalem under a false flag that will escalate what would have been a regional conflict into the biggest war in human history, one that will likely require a draft in the United States as an American invasion army bigger than the one that took Europe during World War II sets off deep towards the heart of the former Persian Empire. 

President Trump's commitment to what he promised during the campaign has motivated the Israeli far right, with some hardcore Rabbis speaking of Greater Israel and of destroying the Al-Aqsa mosque in order to build the Third Temple. The coming chemical attack on Jerusalem will result in the Sunnis awakening en masse in suspicion of Shiites and Jews, leading to what could be the end of organized religion as an acceptable method of governance.

If several cities in the Middle East getting leveled and the threat of nuclear annihilation hovering around the corner doesn't lead to the world rising in unison, we could just very well be approaching the end of days.