The Deadliest Fortnight of the Republic

Trump Tower target of nuclear bomb? YNW
Experts thought the worst had passed when the Electoral College overwhelmingly followed the mandate of the people, tradition, and what the Constitution demands by voting in President-elect Donald Trump.

However, this merely means that renegade globalists and their rogue CIA puppets couldn't successfully intimidate the 37 electors which, if turned, could have upended the will of the people and directly set off a civil war.

Intelligence analysts worried about the life of President-elect Trump are now openly panicking, worried that all signs point to a globalist plot to execute a false flag attack that would justify a shutdown of the internet and the implementation of Continuity of Government plans which would give the Department of Homeland Security de facto control of a United States in a state of emergency.

Since the George W. Bush administration created DHS, an umbrella organization that continues growing more powerful with each terror attack, the likelihood that an outgoing president could use its manpower to prevent a democratic transfer of power has grown almost certain. There is at this moment in history every indication that President Barack Obama is afraid that revelations surrounding his fake birth certificate mean that he will face a treason tribunal, and he may very well turn the United States into a police state with himself as dictator rather than face the justice of the American people.

President Obama and his former personal thug in the Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder, have consistently argued that they can kill US citizens suspected of aiding the enemy, with the enemy being a classified concept that the commander-in-chief and the National Security Council alone determine and keep to themselves. Should a little-known group be responsible for placing a mini-nuke in the basement of Trump Tower and precipitating a calamity that kills the President-elect and levels a fraction of Manhattan, President Obama may very well determine that releasing the name of the group would give it legitimacy and thereby increase its ranks.

Under the premise of not giving legitimacy to the group that kills President-elect Trump, the White House could very well take America into the darkest chapter it has faced since the Civil War ruptured the country apart, with a CIA-controlled media convincing the American people that only secrecy and martial law combined with a suspension of the Constitution can keep us safe. 

The script has already been written, and the US will collapse into anarchy as soon as it reads the Machiavellian first act.