Dominican Government in Motions to Withdraw from Biological Weapons Convention

A message to the Chinese government? Youtube
Elements within the Dominican government have decided that their once sacred vow with Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek could be broken, thus depriving Taiwan of one of its most powerful remaining allies in the face of a rising China.

Increasing uncertainty among the Taiwanese elite has left them scrambling to preserve any alliance, no matter the cost, with unconfirmed reports that the government of President Danilo Medina has begun construction of bunkers in the satellite city of Villa Altagracia, 45 kilometers from the capital city of Santo Domingo.

It has been nearly 101 years since the United States invaded the Dominican Republic, and it could surprisingly be the rise of a strongman in Washington that compels Santo Domingo to acquire the means to kill 600 million people, a goal which has been publicly mentioned by high-ranking officials of a Caribbean island that could soon pose as big of a threat to the world as Havana did during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Reports are that the Dominican government has already stockpiled anthrax in sufficient quantities to wipe out the population of the entire Caribbean, lacking only at this stage the delivery methods to perpetrate such a crime against humanity. 

Microbial agents unleashed from Dominican labs are alleged to be currently crippling the Haitian population, although official reports are that it was United Nations peacekeepers responsible for spreading cholera around the island. Evidence indicates that the Dominican government has gone out of its way to weaponize the agents currently spreading among the Haitian population, with the ultimate objective being to deter a potential invasion by foreign forces as immigration authorities prepare plans to deport 250,000 individuals who once claimed citizenship.

President Trump is unlikely to intervene as the Dominican government implements the strictest immigration laws outside of Japan, but the next administration in Washington may not take too kindly to 250,000 former citizens having been deported from a Caribbean nation with a small army. 

The Dominican government knows that it needs the means to kill 600 million people in the event of a potential invasion, and it is likely that they have already given one man the codes and the authority to execute a megaholocaust.

At this moment in history, it may very well be impossible to stop the Dominicans from deporting former citizens of Haitian descent, and the world will have to decide if the mass stripping of citizenship and deportation of people offends human dignity and if another government can be allowed to do it again. 

Sadly, no one in the Dominican government will be punished, since everything is being done in accordance with Dutch law, and because they have decided that they will use biological weapons if it means their right to self preservation being questioned.