Obama Provoking President Trump Into Placing Him Under House Arrest to Stoke Insurrection as 100,000 Soldiers Could March on Washington

Shadow president of the United States? YNW
Former President Barack Obama appears hellbent on setting off a civil war that could see him assume dictatorial powers after overthrowing the democratically-elected government of Donald Trump. Mr. Obama since leaving office has broken American tradition by aggressively working to undermine a legally-sitting president, creating a parallel government just miles from the White House and hijacking the intelligence community by going so far as withholding evidence that could be used to prevent the next terror attack.

Although President Obama and Hillary Clinton worked heavily to "enhance" diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and other terror-financing states, few in the media dared call out the Democrats for collaborating with regimes that essentially finance genocidal groups. Nonetheless, the mainstream media is now heavily working to portray President Vladimir Putin as worse than the executioners and financiers of Wahhabism in Riyadh in the hopes that it delegitimizes President Trump's successful aversion of nuclear war with Moscow, a given certainty considering Hillary Clinton's bellicose rhetoric and personal relationship with the military-industrial complex.

Likely having made plans for mass profit by waging a proxy war in Syria with Moscow, the military-industrial complex most certainly has decided to move the proxy conflict to the Homeland, forcing President Trump to deploy the National Guard near the border to prevent the shadow government from opening the floodgates to an invasion army masquerading as a Mexican liberation force.

Make no mistake about it, the intelligence community in the United States is now a renegade group operating under orders of former President Obama, and to prevent him directing the propaganda campaign which threatens to radicalize globalists and proponents of open borders into believing conspiracy theories that could materialize into fact. 

Obama is at this very moment directing an army against the government of the United States, and the only way that President Trump may be able to stop him is by declaring his birth certificate fake and letting the world know that a usurper was on the throne and is now commanding a fifth column of non-citizens who infiltrated at his behest.

The year is 1776 and the republic will soon be put on trial by fire, and in one thousand years, when all that is left of us is bones and ashes, people will read these words and study what we are seeing firsthand.