Obama DHS Drafted Plans for Preventing Destruction of Island of Manhattan as Dominican Republic Invasion Loomed

Hillary Clinton's victory threatened not just war with Russia, but also a pogrom of Haitians in the Dominican Republic that would have forced an intervention by Washington, leading to a mass rise in anti-American sentiment among New York City's Dominican community. In 2013, the Dominican Constitutional Tribunal decreed some of the toughest dual-citizenship laws in the world, stripping of citizenship anyone all the way back to 1929 who was not born to legal residents, effectively voiding birthright citizenship for thousands of individuals whose ancestors came from more than 60 nations, but it primarily affected individuals of Haitian descent.

Trump's victory averted NYC catastrophe. YNW
Had Ms. Clinton risen to power, it would have been almost impossible for the Dominican government to deport individuals who once considered themselves citizens of the republic, but the Dominican majority just aren't ready to accept a parallel society of individuals with French names and sub-Saharan ancestry calling themselves "citizens" without first fulfilling extensive assimilation requirements. 

Ms. Clinton's victory would have resulted in extreme pressure on the Dominican government to halt deportations, and eventually radical groups of Dominicans would have declared that the government was refusing to enforce the will of the Constitutional Tribunal, and the country would have descended into civil war.

A civil war in the Dominican Republic today would have meant the persecution of Haitian nationals on an unimaginable scale, and possibly the destruction of the image of the nation for generations to come. 

Former President Barack Obama, sure that Hillary Clinton would win, instructed his henchmen in the Department of Homeland Security to draft plans to round-up Dominican nationals in the New York City area who could become radicalized and threaten the financial capital of the world. 

Although many NYC residents of Dominican descent are supporters of President Trump, images of rioting brown people in the Big Apple would have galvanized the far right in the United States and set off an insurgency that would have led to drones being used on the Homeland by radical anti-immigrant militias.

History may say that President Trump kept the island of Manhattan and half the Caribbean from blowing up.