Tom Perez Vying to Become First Dictator of the United States

Bound to overthrow the republic? Sc
The United States has entered what could be the most dangerous chapter in the history of the republic, with left wing elements openly plotting to overthrow the Constitution and the rule of law. Out of the ashes of the coming anarchy, one man looks slated to rise: Tom Perez.

Mr. Perez has been anointed by the Clinton clan because of his ability to criticize the Dominican government and Donald Trump. Although not very well known to most people, the small Caribbean island from where Mr. Perez' parents hail has written what could be seen as the most monumental law of the 21st century not only for its impact inside of the Dominican Republic but also because of how it could affect every single island in the Caribbean. 

In the coming months, the Dominican government is bound to implement the terms of Sentence 168-13, the monumental law which defined citizenship for 250,000 people. Most of those 250,000 people will be asked to leave, and it will be as a result of them having duplicate birth certificates, which means that Donald Trump could soon be dealing with a literal army of Haitians arriving in the US commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

If a mere 10% of the individuals affected by Sentence 168-13 head for Puerto Rico, President Trump would have just cause to declare that an invasion army of 25,000 Haitians with duplicate birth certificates is threatening the stability of the United States. It is unlikely that President Trump would recognize the individuals arriving on US soil as stateless since the Haitian Constitution grants automatic citizenship to the children of its citizens, but attempts by ICE to deport former Dominicans to Haiti could be problematic and may lead to them being interned under the Korematsu v. United States precedent as an enemy population. 

The oncoming humanitarian crisis will no doubt lead to sectors of the American population deciding if internment can still be legal in the Homeland, potentially setting off a constitutional crisis in the United States that could see an attempted overthrow of the government. 

Since a person of non-Dominican descent criticizing Sentence 168-13 could simply be labeled anti-Dominican, this means that Mr. Perez has emerged as the most prominent man to criticize what the Dominican government will do, while at the same time having the legitimacy to criticize the treatment of former Dominicans. Mr. Perez will make a compelling argument as to the fact that the individuals affected by 168-13 are Dominican, and he will make an emotionally powerful argument as to their not being deported to Haiti. 

A man whose parents hail from a small Caribbean island and individuals who once considered themselves citizens from there will soon decide the fate of the US commonwealth of Puerto Rico and thus the world. 

The Dominicans won't yield, and neither will President Trump; an invasion is en route. There's a storm coming and the thunder is already deafening.