UK Army Prepares for Haitian Invasion of Turks & Caicos

The Caribbean has entered what could be its most monumental chapter since 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived from Europe bringing destruction and change. The Dominican government's infamous Sentence 168-13, which clarified citizenship for 250,000 people born to Haitians in-transit all the way back to the year 1929, is slated to go into effect.

A bigger threat to the UK than ISIS. ElDia
Although many of the individuals whose citizenship was clarified by the Dominican Republic's top Constitutional Tribunal will likely head to Haiti, a good number will jump aboard yolas and head to the US commonwealth of Puerto Rico, setting off what many will see as a humanitarian catastrophe once more than 50,000 people arrive claiming to be "stateless Dominicans."

After Puerto Rico is overwhelmed, a majority of those who won't be able to make it to US soil will proceed to the next, most convenient destination next to US soil: Turks & Caicos. 

With a population of just 31,000 people, the small British overseas territories will simply be unable to cope with the number of people who will set off from Dominican soil in the coming months, and the army of the UK will be faced with the biggest task outside of the War on Terror since the Falklands War. 

Should the situation escalate, it is possible that the United States and the United Kingdom may decide to deploy their respective navies and blockade the Dominican archipelago, preventing a venerable invasion army from setting out into the open waters of the Caribbean. 

One small Caribbean island may soon set off the biggest military crisis on the planet, and due to the skill of its judges and lawyers, it will be nearly impossible to stop them.