Dominican Government Won't Hesitate to Deploy Biological Weapons Against Caribbean Community: Source

Prepared for mass deportation of former citizens. DL
Unbeknown to most people, the Dominican Republic has quietly morphed into an archipelagic nation willing to intrude into the Exclusive Economic Zone of the United States and the United Kingdom.

In 2008, the Dominican government decided that it was no longer a one-island state, that it was entitled to reach into the territorial waters of the United Kingdom and the United States, setting into motion the eventuality that US and UK troops could confront soldiers of the Dominican Archipelago in what may set off the worst humanitarian crisis in Caribbean history.
The man deciding the fate of the world. LD

Considering that in 2013 the Dominican government "clarified" citizenship for four times as many people as Nazi Germany, this means that some experts believe that the world is now dealing with one of the most bellicose regimes history has produced, with strongman Milton Ray Guevara now absolutely believing himself to be in charge of the course of global events, delegating the largest humanitarian catastrophe in modern American history to "elected" President Danilo Medina.

According to a source, Milton Ray Guevara has not only instructed the Dominican government to deport 250,000 former citizens: he has determined that biological weapons can be used to carry out this objective.

The Caribbean Community, of which Haiti is a member, faces what will be the biggest crisis in its history as a veritable invasion army of Haitians threatens to occupy every island imaginable, with absolutely no power on this earth capable of stopping thousands of people using rickety boats to unleash hell.

2017 could look like 1492 when all is said and done.