Shadow Government Aggressively Preventing President Trump from Releasing Secret Technology

Techno-army ready to effectuate military coup? YNW
President Donald Trump's life is in danger as he seeks to aggressively advance America's position on the global scientific stage, facing stiff opposition from the shadow government, which has since the Manhattan Project violently retarded the technological development of the world. 

Originally tasked with preventing the Soviets from acquiring the nuclear bomb and subsequently fusion capable devices, the shadow government is now actively waging a secret war against the American people in the hopes of taking down its democratically-elected leader. 

Although President Trump has the solid backing of the American people, the mainstream media, directly under the control of globalists interests, has done nothing but undermine that support even as the war against the Islamic State intensifies and the nascent terrorist state faces annihilation. 

To distract from President Trump giving the Pentagon access to the technologies currently helping to obliterate ISIS, the shadow government is willing to sabotage the war effort without concern for the number of lives lost. 

According to experts analyzing the increasingly tense situation, we may see elements of the shadow government go beyond spying on Trump Tower; we may see psychotronic attacks against a sitting president of the United States.

Over the past decades, the Central Intelligence Agency and its ally associations have used psychotronic weapons to drive foreign leaders to their deaths, unsuccessfully so only with Fidel Castro and a handful of other leaders.

Though most of us patriots who supported President Trump since he decided to take on the shadow government fear a bullet, some would argue that it is the stealth weapons of the elite that we should fear more.