Abreu Report Editor Traveling to Korean DMZ as Crisis on Peninsula Intensifies

Marshall Kim Jong-eun has developed a missile capable of reaching the West Coast of the United States; he has Sarin-tipped missiles ready to launch at Japan; he has thousands of pieces of artillery ready to launch at pre-selected sites in Seoul, and it appears that President Donald Trump will force him to decide if to use them or if to negotiate with the free world.
Prepared for an invasion at any moment! © AR

Amid this tension, our editor has volunteered to travel to Korea, where he will stand alongside American troops as they guard the most heavily-protected border in the world, with North Korean Special Forces lying in waiting ready to invade a city of more than 25 million people.

Experts have calculated that should a conflict break out between the two Koreas, casualties could exceed more than 5 million people within the first few days as heavy artillery and biological weapons rain down on the most densely-populated population centers in the world.

Our editor will be interviewing the troops and fellow Donald Trump supporters, showing the strong side of our nation: that we're not afraid of an overweight dictator, and that we will, like the White Fox, head to the DMZ and stare down North Korean soldiers!

Fatman Kim doesn't know what awaits him, the Abreu Menace is worse than his shitty Soviet-age technology.