President Trump Prevents Islamic State from Metastasizing in Haiti

A threat to paradise. Reuters
As Abreu Report revealed in March of 2016, the Islamic State had drafted up plans to target jetliners departing from Punta Cana, hoping to kill dozens of tourists for the sin of enjoying the Caribbean sun. The man we knew was behind these dastardly plots? None other than Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal, a hardline Salafist who has been deported from the United Kingdom and from Botswana due to preaching for the use of chemical weapons against unbelievers.

Last year, no one else bothered to report on the threat posed by Sheikh Faisal, and for the past year and a half he has been busy recruiting in the Caribbean, coming not too far from succeeding in establishing an ISIS province in the failed state of Haiti.

Although Jamaica is in the orbit of American power, it is still a commonwealth nation and thus enjoys heavy presence from British intelligence services, with sources alleging that Sheik Faisal was an MI6 asset, used since the 7/7 bombings to justify strengthening the national-security-espionage state and to drum up support for UK military operations abroad. The terror preacher was well protected in Jamaica, and a Hillary Clinton victory would have surely resulted in his continued status of safety in the strategic Caribbean island, from where he would have continued exporting terror to Haiti. 

However, it was not Ms. Clinton but rather President Donald Trump that negotiated a release of protection for Sheikh Faisal, who now stands to be extradited to New York for leading a resident of the state to travel to the Middle East in hopes of joining the Islamic State. 

The people of Haiti can sleep easier tonight, knowing that there's a lower likelihood of terror gaining a foothold in its shores. Nonetheless, Islam remains the fastest-growing religion in Haiti and Sheikh Faisal has had more than enough time to spread his pernicious ideology and find a replacement for his fledging Jihad gang. President Trump may soon have to go after his #2.