President Trump May be Forced to Follow Dutch Lead, Deploy Military Police on the Streets to Apprehend DACA Cheaters

Necessary to stop Antifa radicals? Telegraaf
The Netherlands finds itself in a state of crisis as large mobs of unassimilated North African youths roam the streets committing crimes with impunity. The crisis is so serious that the police setting up checkpoints outside of supermarkets was not enough to deport individuals suspected of crimes: the situation demanded that a database be created and provided to the Ministry of Defense containing the names of these hardcore criminals, many of them of Moroccan appearance.

As it becomes increasingly apparent that America is headed down the same dark path as the Netherlands -- with people promoting not assimilation to the law and respect for the flag, but rather disdain for our beautiful Red, White and Blue -- President Trump looks like he could be forced to declare a state of emergency, taking command of the National Guard away from uncooperative, "pro-sanctuary-city" radicals and using the full power of the Pentagon to apprehend individuals whose parents helped them cheat their way into the United States.

With hurricanes destroying the US at a prodigious rate this year, Congress should be more concerned with helping Americans rebuild, but instead what we're seeing is a preoccupation to help criminals on the part of the radical left.

Helping criminals only establishes a bad precedent and eventually paves the way for another group of individuals demanding entry into the US, many of them unqualified to do so and committing crimes in the process. 

President Trump has the power to build a wall and send a message to illegals that they need to go back and do things the correct way, that America isn't some open door for infiltrators who seek to do us harm.