Source: Deep State Planted Shooters in Las Vegas

Civil war in our era? NBC
The Deep State struck again! The worst attack in American history has taken place, and the people are being lied to.

What do we know now? We know for a fact that there were multiple shooters in Vegas, that the Deep State has ruthlessly struck again, and that they will strike once more, even if it means civil war in the most powerful country in the world. 

President Donald Trump has worked tirelessly to keep Americans safe, and this latest attack is a product of the fear that Deep State actors have when it comes to continuing their reign of anti-American terror.

What do we know know at this moment? A source close to the police in Vegas has informed us that there were multiple shooters, that we're facing the biggest cover-up in American history. 

President Trump is under threat, the Deep State knows no humanity, they will kill 1000 if it means discrediting our Commander in Chief. 

As Americans, we must rise together and oppose the Deep State!