President Trump's Arrival in Demilitarized Zone Could Signal Start of World War III

Will Trump and Kim stare each other down? © AR
As President Donald Trump readies to visit South Korea next month, the North Koreans appear to be preparing for what could be the most hyped visit to the Demilitarized Zone since the end of the Korean War, when millions died and the fate of their remaining and divided relatives was decided. 

North Korea will likely soon go into its most frenzied state in history, awaiting a visit to the Demilitarized Zone by President Donald Trump, who will likely come accompanied by aircraft carriers and an armada of ships followed by nuclear submarines, circled overhead by nuclear bombers and the most advanced fighters jets on the planet. 

In the Demilitarized Zone itself, thousands of extra American and South Korean troops will be on heightened patrol, with a rotation of artillery and anti-aircraft weapons the likes of which the world has not seen since the start of the Second Persian Gulf War.

Advanced helicopters and drones will circle overhead to make sure that should North Korean troops start moving suspiciously or en masse during President Trump's visit, he can be evacuated quickly to a fortified bunker or flown out to an aircraft carrier.

It is possible that President Trump could stare down Kim Jong Eun himself, the heartless despot who rules over his starving people with an iron fist, creating what could be the most historical confrontation since Viking times.

President Trump's visit will see thousands and thousands of nervous men with their fingers ready to push the nearest red button or reach for the trigger, and even the slightest miscalculation could see thousands die within a matter of minutes.