The Greatest Dominican Songs

We've carried out a poll, contacting 1,356 people in the 809 area code, asking them which songs they thought were most representative of Dominican culture. These are the 10 songs Dominican people think you need to hear to get to know them.

#10: Medicina de Amor. Described by some as "the song for melancholy," many define this song as the ultimate hit for "drinking and sadness." A person from Villa Juana said of this song, "this helped me over my breakup!" This bachata hit is considered by some singers as "the blueprint" for modern bachata.

#9: La Balacera. Described by some as "the ultimate song for a hangover," this number will help you get over being placed in the Drunk Tank.

#8 Dile. A person from Villa Altagracia simply said, "bueno, if Sergio's best hit isn't on this list, then it's not a complete list."

 #7 Los Algodones. This song should be number 1 since it was the most mentioned one by those being polled, but sadly no decent recordings exist of the original artist, Ñico Lora, singing it, so our editors had to choose which artist most closely represents the spirit of this ultimate Dominican hit.

#6: Cosas Increibles. One individual in Puerto Plata said, "this is our humor!" This song epitomizes the Dominican penchant for "farcical humor," said a college professor in Santo Domingo.


#5: Luna Sobre el Jaragua. "Eso era lo que bailabamos durante la era," said the oldest respondent to this poll. This is what they danced during the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo.

#4: La Travesia. "Each time I fly home to my wife, I listen to this song beforehand." Dominicans travel a lot and they often find love in faraway lands. This song is seen by many Dominicans married to foreigners as the "the first song to dance to when we meet."

#3: Vayase en Paz. He was not born in the Cibao region, but Guandulito was mentioned by most individuals being polled as the epitome of a man from the Cibao.

#2: El Jevito. The top song mentioned by individuals aged 30-40 who listen to rock. "If you don't know what a jevito is, you're not Dominican," said a Norwegian diplomat residing in Santo Domingo.

#1: El Caminante. It's not merengue, it's not salsa, it's not bachata, but it is definitely Dominican! A doctor in Samaná said, " this is the epitome of Dominican spiritism."