Secret Service Source: George W. Bush was Assaulted by Dick Cheney

Beat up for questioning Deep State. Reuters
Was President George W. Bush in charge? 

A White House whistleblower has informed Abreu Report that the Yale-graduated head of state was not actually in charge, and that Dick Cheney even beat him up as the former president threatened to withdraw troops from Iraq after being coerced to attack Syria.

As Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh recently revealed in a bombshell transmission, "Bush, as a Republican, not popular with the deep state, particularly after how he was elected," highlighting the danger that shadow elements within the US government exert over the people's elected representatives.

Although the majority consensus among individuals who've researched the attacks of September the 11th is that George W. Bush was the architect responsible for bringing down World Trade Center 7, recent revelations indicate that Vice-President Dick Cheney was the one to blame for orchestrating the worst devastation to have been unleashed upon American soil.

According to The Nation, "In early 2007, as Iraq seemed to be slipping inexorably into chaos and President George W. Bush into inescapable political purgatory, Meir Dagan, the head of the Israeli Mossad, flew to Washington, sat down in a sunlit office of the West Wing of the White House, and spread out on the coffee table before him a series of photographs showing a strange-looking building rising out of the sands in the desert of eastern Syria."

It was then that Dick Cheney set into motion events that would cascade into the Syrian Civil War, a bloodbath which has resulted in nearly half a million dead and millions more wounded and displaced. 

President Bush was opposed and it resulted in Vice-President Cheney punching him in the eye and threatening to shoot him in the face, shouting in heated words: "I shot a lawyer in the face and got away with it, I'll shoot you right in front of the Secret Service and get away with it!"

These revelations by Mr. Limbaugh and by the Secret Service call into question America's leadership in the world and threaten our democracy. 

Although President Donald Trump has challenged the Deep State, let us not forget that he has a family and that they have already threatened to kill his relatives should his decisions endanger the economic interest of the highly-guarded, old elite.