Our Humble Website Has Four Detectives Sweating Us

A tense week for Abreu Report as one of its editors was interrogated by Dutch police over an article published on this website.

Willem Jebbink, the same lawyer who defended a Dutch citizen from a charge of lèse-majesté and in the process decided to subpoena the King and Queen, is representing our soft-spoken editor, Jose Abreu. 

"There's multiple people writing for our website, some are far out of the reach of Dutch jurisdiction, but apparently the Dutch police think they can go after me based on the fact that there's allegedly a picture Add caption of me here," Mr. Abreu told Abreu Report. 

The police detective who was "offended" by that article published about her on here is extremely pissed off. Because the insult was not made directly to her while in uniform, Abreu Report's editor cannot be charged with insulting a police officer -- a crime here in the Netherlands. Instead, the policewoman alledges that she was personally, as a civilian, offended by our hard-hitting piece of journalism. 

The interrogation was originally scheduled for August, but it was rescheduled at the last minute. "Since insulting someone is not a serious crime, my lawyer and I thought that a new appointment wouldn't be scheduled, but it seems like someone is putting pressure on them, maybe Officer Cheesecunt is PMSing," said Mr. Abreu.

Detective [censored,] the officer in charge of the investigation into Abreu Report's article, was not present during the interrogation. "There were two other detectives in the room, one of them was Asian and could have been doing undercover work, maybe trying to catch that serial killer," said Mr. Abreu referring to the murderer going around distributing white heroin as cocaine and killing tourists in Amsterdam.

So, not only can the Dutch police schedule interrogations for petty crimes on short notice -- when it involves Kings and Officers being "insulted" -- but serial killers remain on the loose with little action. Simply put: the Amsterdam Police doesn't care about tourists dying from overdoses. After all, we all know that Officer Cheesecunt will lose sleep over this website, but never over those dead "junkies."

"I went into the interrogation room with my lawyer and we asked, as is our legal right, to examine the evidence against me. The white detective needed to get on the phone with Officer [censored] to determine if he could indeed follow the law. I believe that this was simply a ruse that he used to determine how I behaved while he flipped through the case file. I noticed something that looked like my facebook page and whispered into my lawyer's ear: 'they have my facebook?'" Mr. Abreu informed Abreu Report.

It turned out to be a shitty, Google Plus page which anyone could have printed out. It had a picture in black and white of some guy with a hat, but Mr. Abreu assured Abreu Report that he has never owned such a hat. 

Mr Abreu & Mr Jebbink exit police station
"When they handed us the case file to examine, and just before the detectives exited the room, the white detective said, 'don't blink.,' indicating to me that he was simply paying attention to my behavior. Mr. Jebbink then informed me that police will make a note of everything, even if I blink or smile or whisper."

Such is the level of tyranny and callousness which people in the Netherlands are subjected to: they have to fear smiling, blinking, whispering, rolling their eyes, and maybe even breathing hard in front of the police. My aunt who has travelled the world warned me against coming to the Netherlands: "those people are cold, cold as ice," she told me. But it's not that the people are cold, it's that their legal system teaches them that stoicism and silence is the complacency a monarchy needs to survive in the 21st century.