Corporate Media Confirms: Mid-spectrum Biological Agent Tied to Military Activities Led to Death of Dutch Couple Vacationing on Saona Island

The Netherlands' Telegraaf is reporting that the Dutch couple who died mysteriously earlier this month after taking a trip to Saona Island, where the US government is currently working on secret military projects and the establishment of a new base, likely succumbed to ciguatoxins, mid-spectrum agents which the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense classified as relevant to warfare and terrorism.
Plausible deniability. Oxford Journals

Abreu Report was the first to write that a biological agent and not mere food poisoning was what possibly led to the death of a pair of newlyweds in the prime of their lives. 

When we first became aware of the death of the Venemas, we were suspicious as how quickly the Dominican media was to report that food poisoning inside of the hotel was what led to this international tragedy. When a Dutch newspaper tipped us off that the couple had taken a trip to Saona Island, we already knew that their death likely did not take place as a result of a mistake by the hotel staff, since no one else who ate from the same food was affected by the ciguatoxins. 

Over the past few years, anyone who criticizes government plans on Saona Island either dies mysteriously or suffers a family tragedy.

And now that the toxin likely responsible for the death of the Venemas has been identified, it is almost certain that military activity has led to the release of ciguatoxins in the environment around Saona Island, with the possibility of even more incidents taking place as activities ramp up to levels only seen in Pacific Islands subjected to US nuclear experiments and heavy dumping of weapons during World War II.
Ciguatera immediately follows US military activities. Lancet

The Lancet has written: "Ciguatera fish poisoning is widespread in the Pacific. Outbreaks and the rise in incidence of the disease are related largely to military activities that disturb coral reef ecology. Nuclear test explosions and the setting up of the infrastructure for these tests are major components of such military activity."

Only the Dutch media has reported on the possibility that US military experiments have stirred up ciguatoxins that could potentially lead to dozens and dozens of deaths. Dominican tourism has too much to lose, and the US government won't allow criticism of its new military play park; this will remain buried.