Elite Drafting Martial Law Contingency Plans as Republic Enters "Soft Civil War" Stage

Attack paid for and encouraged by globalist cabal?
The first week of 2017 isn't even over yet, President-elect Donald Trump is still planning the finer details of his inauguration, and a brutal assault has already shocked the nation with NTK Network reporting that the White House thinks it's "too early to tell" if "a group of African-American teenagers" who "tortured a white man with special needs and streamed the horrific acts on Facebook" committed a hate crime.

The White House simply must be living in fantasy land and refuses to acknowledge what's coming: the United States is entering a "soft civil war" stage and the Department of Homeland Security can only hope to contain the chaos that may torment regular Americans. By refusing to admit the obvious and not having the Federal Bureau of Investigation crack down immediately on hate crimes against Trump supporters, President Obama has opened the floodgates and established precedent that openly encourages more political correctness radicals to promote unGodly abuses against even the most defenseless members of our society.

Although the corporate media has gone to the ends of the earth in recent weeks decrying "fake news" and blaming independent media writers of collaborating with Russia to put Donald Trump into power, few corporate media writers have thus far decried the barbarity which the White House refuses to label a hate crime. 

President Obama is simply afraid of alienating his base before he leaves office, even as the nation crumbles and the transfer of power to President-elect Trump is made difficult. President Obama is fiddling as his base burns down the Republic, and even as African-American gangsters beat the disabled it appears that he'll instruct the FBI to stand down. 

The globalists want President-elect Trump to inherit a pile of ashes so they can blame him for not setting off the fire quickly enough, all the while they feed the flames with nanothermite.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was just one man, but his death precipitated World War I. The next brutal attack that President Obama refuses to acknowledge may be the one that sets off WWIII.