Secret Society Elite Vacating Washington DC as Inauguration Day Nuclear Fears Grow

Secret annihilation plans discussed inside? WKM
A high-level member of Scroll & Key, the exclusive secret society at Yale which rivals Skulls & Bones in power and influence, is following the herd and leaving Washington DC for the next few weeks, Abreu Report has learned.

In an exclusive interview conducted near Leiden University, our editor-in-chief learned that high-ranking members of Scroll & Key with connections in government and finance now fully expect a nuclear bomb to be detonated during President-elect Trump's inauguration, precipitating a suspension of the Constitution that enables President Obama to remain in power for another term.

At this stage in history, while most of us are concerned for the jobs that President-elect Trump is already bringing back by the truckload, the elite are using shell corporations to rent homes in areas where they believe there is lower likelihood of an errant drone strike ending their lives.

Open air bunker for coming civil war? © Abreu Report
The King of the Netherlands and other members of the Dutch elite studied in Leiden, and due to the small city's proximity to Schipol Airport, the city has some of the safest airspace in the world, with globalists calculating that a renegade Obama administration operating under martial is unlikely to openly bomb a university area near the International Criminal Court, causing it to become a hot zone for those expecting the worst in the US.

The Scroll & Key member interviewed by Abreu Report stated that he has seen full-blown plans drafted to shut down the media in the United States, taking down Alex Jones and any other affiliated "conspiracy" website the government accuses of "promoting insurrection."

The elite know that killing Mr. Trump and Mike Pence won't be enough to prevent their open border plan from being stopped in its track, that they need to prevent dissenting voices from contradicting the narrative that the false flag nuclear attack which will take down our leadership was carried out by someone other than Russia or the Islamic State.

The Scroll & Key person who revealed to us his concerns, most shockingly, just hopes that Russia isn't blamed such that World War III doesn't break out. A high-ranking member of the elite has reached the point that he hopes a nuclear strike that kills the incoming president and vice-president of the United States is blamed on a proto-state and not on a nuclear power because he's praying that the world is not fully destroyed, only parts of the Middle East and the US. 

The United States has arrived at what is possibly the most dangerous moment in its history, and the ruling heads of the secret societies which run the shadow government are now hoping that "only a few million" die during the incoming onslaught of race riots and DHS tyranny planned for us, with those who can have already seeking safe airspace.