Mass Protests Engulf Dominican Republic as George Soros Linked to Cancellation of Elections, Disqualification of Presidential Candidate

Although the Dominican Republic was a US-backed dictatorship from 1930-1961, Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo always made sure to maintain the semblance of democracy, never cancelling an election.

Out to destroy democracy? BBC
2020, however, has seen the small Caribbean island plunge into chaos after the ruling party conspired with foreign elements to sabotage the municipal elections held this month, cancelling them after it became apparent that anti-George Soros candidates would sweep house and rise to power.

Generalissimo Trujillo's grandson, Ramfis, who was born in New York and returned to the land of his ancestors with the hope of breaking the chains of globalism and neo-liberalism which have consumed the Dominican Republic and turned it into one of the most dangerous places in the world, was slated to be the big winner in the upcoming presidential elections.

Disqualified for opposing Soros. Source
The ruling party, the PLD, knowing that there was no way for them to quash the grassroots movement sparked by the prospect of someone with an iron fist winning the presidency and kicking out malignant foreign interests, used the distraction generated by riots and protests to quietly invalidate the candidacy of Mr. Ramfis Trujillo.

All around the world, the Dominican diaspora has taken to the streets, hoping that foreign governments put pressure on the PLD to restore democracy and allow Mr. Ramfis Trujillo to run for office and let the people decide who will direct the nation. 

Given the gravity of the situation, many believe that the Dominican Republic is on the verge of a civil war that could result in hundreds of thousand dead, sparking a refugee crisis that could overwhelm the US territory of Puerto Rico. Just two days ago, the Dominican Navy apprehended 13 Dominicans risking their lives on a rickety boat that promised to take them to Puerto Rico, despite the fact that the island is functionally bankrupt and in a state of disrepair due to hurricanes and earthquakes. So desperate is the political situation becoming that people are risking their lives in shark-infested waters, offering a preview of what's to happen: something that will make the Mariel Boatlift pale by comparison.  

And perhaps there is a reason why Rudy Giuliani, personal lawyer to Donald Trump and Dominican presidential candidate Luis Abinader, has not publicly dared to bring this issue to public light: the ruling PLD party has threatened something far worse than the Mariel Boatlift. 

Although many people in the 1950s saw Cuba as an inconsequential player in global politics, their acquisition of nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union threatened to destabilize the entire American continent; and it may just be the case that the 2020s will see the Dominican Republic destabilize the world, all the way from Uptown Manhattan down to Florida.