Wuhan Corona in UK Prison Confirms Suspicions MI6 Responsible for Spread of Virus

Just 9 days ago, Abreu Report revealed groundbreaking information that the coronavirus which was speculated to have originated in a wet market in Wuhan, China was actually a biological weapon designed to preserve the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom. 

Just two days ago, The Voice of America, the international propaganda arm of the US government, cautioned: "A Scottish lawmaker who won a landmark legal case against the UK government's suspension of parliament has warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson he faces legal action if he blocks a new vote on Scottish independence."

Sacrificial lamb at altar of Brexit. Sky
Today, we learn that a prison in the United Kingdom is experiencing an outbreak of the coronavirus after a prisoner was brought over from Thailand two weeks ago. 

According to Thai authorities, there are only 33 people infected in the nation of 69 million souls, meaning that the individual extradited from Thailand won the coronavirus lottery.

It is highly unlikely that Mr. Rumble, the prisoner extradited to the UK, could have come into contact with an infected person if indeed there are only 33 cases in Thailand. 

The Thai government is clearly lying, and so are UK authorities. Mr. Rumble's extradition was planned, and the objective is to sow fear in the population of Scotland and Northern Ireland, to prevent the end of the Union and the re-ignition of The Troubles. 

If the Scottish people are to vote to break off from Westminster, they would only do so in the hopes of rejoining the European Union, an extremely unlikely event if the people can be made to fear open borders. 

The fact that the Wuhan coronavirus is now in a prison in the UK means that this virus can no longer be contained, it can only be mitigated. 

When British bodies start dropping on the streets, that's when the people will forget Brexit and think of nothing but the danger that foreigners pose to their lives.