MI6 Suspected of Unleashing Coronavirus to Prevent Post-Brexit Break-up of United Kingdom

Qui bono?

Who benefits? The Romans certainly knew how to run an empire, and though the Latin language is long dead, the power of the imperial wisdom held in its surviving quotes is such that it still guides much of the modern Western world. 

The Real Wet Market!
And thus it came to be the case that a former Roman outpost that now enjoys: a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, nuclear weapons, and an intelligence network rivaled only by Washington, stands to disintegrate  and lose most of its prominence and former glory. 

Without the coronavirus, the main concern in Europe today would have been Brexit and the economic  and security implications that it would bring for the United Kingdom and the world. Were it not for the coronavirus, today people would be speaking of Scotland breaking off from Westminster, of the Irish Republican Army resuming hostilities as a hard border begins to once again take shape in Ireland, tearing up the Good Friday Agreement.  

Yet, today people are not speaking of the consequences of Brexit, people are instead talking of the dangers that Britain faces from the novel and "mysterious" coronavirus, which some estimate will kill upwards of 65 million people.

It is not a coincidence that the coronavirus started spreading just before the United Kingdom exited the European Union, with meddling by London in China dating all the way back to the Opium Wars of the 1800s, when countless Chinese lives were sacrificed in the name of the British Crown's greed.

Soon, millions of Chinese lives will be sacrificed, this time in the name of preserving the monarchy and the territorial structure of the United Kingdom. 

The coronavirus is a biological weapon, and its use may signal the beginning of World War III.